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The Story of Jointli

In early 2016, we set about designing Australia’s first cohesive, integrated approach for managing degenerative knee conditions in the private health sector. Of course, there were pharmaceuticals and surgery, and many types of specialists with their clinical approaches, but very little that was of proven value to the patient, that integrated all available treatment options appropriately and was of high scientific quality.

Over the next three years, our clinical team expanded to include more orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, research scientists, exercise physiologists,  pain management specialists, psychologists and dieticians. Three clinical approaches were trialled over two years, and over 650 patients treated.

Our new Jointli facility in St Leonards, NSW, is all about integrating everything that is needed in the pursuit of pain-free, longer-lasting joints, and keeping the patient journey as engaging and enjoyable as possible. No matter whether you are aiming for the relief of troubling knee pain, wanting to optimise your sports performance or to simply be able to do the things you love for longer and without pain, Jointli is about getting the best possible result for you.

Our Clinical Approach

We're here to support you on your journey to stronger, healthier joints.

Jointli programs and treatments offered are compiled from the wide array of science, therapies and technologies available today demonstrating solid, unbiased evidence of their effectiveness in treating joint degeneration and associated symptoms.

Our team regularly reviews new research on the many treatments available to ensure that all worthwhile treatments. Where a treatment is not offered, it is because – on balance – there is a lack of credible evidence that it works.

The Jointli clinical approach is scientifically and data-driven. Attendees will be required to complete surveys on their clinical condition from time to time in order to track progress, provide feedback, modify and optimise approaches (if necessary), and facilitate improvement  for future patients. We make every effort to make this process as easy and unobtrusive as possible.


Meet the Team

Clinical Team

Chloe Donovan Nurse Practitioner
Consulting Nurse Practitioner and Perioperative Specialist.
Chloe is an experienced orthopaedic nurse practitioner and surgical assistant, with a broad expertise in musculoskeletal conditions affecting the knee.
Chloe is our reference point for imaging diagnostics, wound management and intra-articular procedures aiming to alleviate pain and swelling, such as fluid aspirations or knee injections.
Chloe skills extend to the playing field, having represented Australia in Touch Football for a number of years
Dr Nico Furlan Strength & Conditioning Coach
Clinical Lead for Athletic Performance Program
Nico has a background in Strength & Conditioning as well as Sports Science, and has contributed to a range of medals at international and Olympic level. Nico’s experience extends to applied research, having completed a PhD investigating performance and recovery in Rugby 7s.
Jen Gold Physiotherapist
Clinical Lead of TKR Program
Jen is a passionate clinician with a special interest in post- operative management and helping people return to doing what they love. She takes pride in helping clients develop strategies to return to their chosen activity full of knowledge, resilience and confidence.
Geoff Loomes Exercise Physiologist
Clinical Lead of Longevity
Geoff’s interests lie in patient engagement, both in-person and online, to get the best non-surgical treatment outcomes and positive behavioural changes from patients.
Christian Bate Physiotherapist
Christian has worked heavily in youth and senior NPL soccer and has experience in rehabilitating injuries from day one to return to sport, as well as developing integrated plans in conjunction with other rehab professionals. Christian specialises in managing a range of lower limb injuries, with particular reference to the knee and ankle.
Mark McLeay Exercise Physiologist
Mark McLeay is an experienced Exercise Physiologist at Jointli, specialising in managing chronic osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain. Mark expertly personalises exercise programs both short and long term to help clients achieve their health goals and manage their knee pain.
Tom Carruthers Exercise Physiologist
Tom is experienced in the management of a range of sub-acute and chronic overuse injuries, with his passion lying in athlete development programs, injury management and performance.
Jake Gam Physiotherapist
Jake is a dedicated physiotherapist interested in orthopaedics, exercise rehab, and strength & conditioning. His passion lies in assisting patients in achieving their long-term goals and returning to the activities they love. With a focus on comprehensive care, Jake combines expertise and empathy to support individuals on their path to recovery.
Emma McHattan Physiotherapist
Emma is an enthusiastic and compassionate practitioner. She has a passion for health and fitness, advocating on the importance of sustaining an active lifestyle. Emma incorporates a holistic approach into treatments to achieve optimal outcomes, with a special interest in musculoskeletal and orthopaedics physiotherapy. Her aim is to facilitate patients on their rehabilitation journey to achieve their desired goals.


Ashleigh Bernard Practice Manager
Phoebe Lowry Receptionist
Sarah Castles Receptionist
Angus North Physiolab Operations & Logistics Assistant
Mahima Kalra Marketing & Events Coordinator

Jointli At Landmark Orthopaedics

Landmark Orthopaedics is the destination for world class results & proven outcomes.

Landmark Orthopaedics brings together Australia's leading surgeons, expert physiotherapists, pioneering orthopaedic research and medical device innovation, all in one custom built location.

Our state-of-the-art facility consists of four entities: The Knee Institute, Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute, Jointli and Personalised Surgery. These entities aim to provide the best possible clinical solutions for our patients through innovation, technology, and research.

Participating Orthopaedic Surgeons

A/Prof David Parker B MedSc, MBBS (Hons), FRACS, FAOrthoA

Dr Myles Coolican MBBS,

Dr Brett
MBBS (Hons), FRACS, FAOrthoA

Dr Alex Nicholls BMedSc(Hons), MBBS MSc(Oxon), FRACS, FAOrthA

Dr Jobe Shatrov MBBS(Hons), BSc. (Physio). Grad. Dip (Surgical Anatomy), FRACS, FAOrthoA

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