Date Published: Aug 08, 2023

Exercise Physiology


Exercise Physiologist’s use exercise and physical activity for treatment and rehabilitation. For the knee OA sufferer, they will design exercise plans that achieve strengthening and functional goals, as well as a level of general fitness.

A good exercise program can be designed for everyone, no matter their pain levels or knee functionality. The plan should aim to strengthen lower limb muscles, achieve some fitness over time, be enjoyable, conveniently fit your daily schedule and preferably involve a social component.

The goals of a good exercise program should be to increase your physical capability and decrease your symptoms, by;

Some examples of arthritis-friendly exercises that achieve these goals are yoga, swimming or water exercise, pilates, strength work in a gym and walking, but there are many more.

Be Aware

The risks of exercise are minimal when done with the appropriate guidance. If exercises are not appropriately prescribed they may over-stress your knee and make symptoms worse.  You should immediately advise your Exercise Physiologist or our Clinic you ever believe this is the case.

If exercise has not been undertaken for some time, it will be necessary to start out with smaller amounts of exercise and slowly increase the time and intensity. You should aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. To begin with this could be as simple as walking the dog or walking to and from work.

Of course, having knee OA does complicate exercise, so it’s important to be kind to yourself. Try to exercise when you and your joints are feeling okay with your pain under control. Never over-exercise an inflamed joint, and do gentler exercise during a flare-up. It is important to understand that mild pain is not a reason to stop or not do exercise, however you should not exercise through unusual pain or strong discomfort.

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Mahima Kalra
Aug 08, 2023

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