Date Published: Aug 23, 2023

About Diet Programs


If you are looking for the “tried-and-true” or proven recipes, then these larger brands are the best way to keep things simple.  However there are so many new and different programs now on offer, and many of them are doubtlessly good as well – it’s just that they have not collected the supporting data that the larger programs have.  The most important thing is to make an educated and sustainable decision for yourself.

When making your decision, we suggest that you look for the following features when selecting a weight management program:

Alternatively, you can speak to a dietician and construct your own program that best fits your likes and lifestyle.  Often this route can lead to a more sustainable program and prevent “white-washing” your current habits and food preferences, many of which might not be problematic.

Be Aware

Be aware of programs that claim exceptional or fast results.  Fast decreases in weight typically require a high amount of effort, discomfort or both, and therefore are rarely sustainable in the long term.

Losing weight is difficult because new behaviours and patterns need to be learnt.  This takes a significant amount of time and effort, and without the right program, drop-outs are common. Furthermore, becoming disillusioned and down-hearted in one program can often result in giving-up on weight management altogether.  Pick your program carefully and get good advice wherever you need it.

Mahima Kalra
Aug 23, 2023

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