Braces & Biomechanics

Knee braces come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights, each providing a different function. It is important to understand your knee problem before considering what brace would be best. Specifically, you need to understand to what extent each compartment of your knee is affected by osteoarthritis (OA) and assess where the majority of pain is coming from.

Cyro-Compression Braces

There is very little published evidence for these hybrid-braces that have the ability to provide cold-therapy, compression and stabilisation. However, cold-therapy and compression are well-established methods of decreasing pain and inflammation.

Unloader Braces

There is good evidence unloader braces reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. The benefits can include reduced pain and stiffness, reduced need for medication, improved knee function, and they may even slow the progression of OA.

Single Piece Sleeve Braces

The main benefits of these sleeves are warmth and an increased feeling of security and stability. Like heat therapy, these sleeves can help relieve low-level chronic aches and pains and give a boost in physical confidence, which makes a patient more likely to increase their level of activity.

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